As a community organiser working for a public services union it won’t surprise you to read that I’m an advocate of public ownership of services that benefit us. Every day I see evidence of good quality, innovative, and compassionate work done by workers in publicly owned and controlled services whether in education, healthcare, or local […]

enough people have said what they think about the Charlie Hebdo attack – the world doesn’t need me to add my opinions right now. I’ll just link to Kenan Malik who is bang on the money in my view.

I’m not in the business of predicting the outcome of the 2015 election – in my opinion it’s a bit of a mug’s game given the current state of electoral politics. However i will stick my neck and predict that the betting markets are currently and will continue to be more accurate in their predictions […]

I may expand this into a proper article if I get time… but for now a few thoughts about obesity. The debate about obesity in the UK is heating up following recent decisions that obesity is a disability and that organisations and employers will probably have to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate larger people. All […]

Since I don’t have much time this week for posting, check this out. I found it at Naked Keynesism here

or something equally dodgy…¬†This from Peter Kellner at yougov should be worrying reading for both main parties.

Last week the Guardian published this article about the rise of the new popular left parties in parts of Europe, the most interesting of course being Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece. Now I agree that it’s extremely interesting to see how in several countries the “far” left have managed to ride to some […]

often the ominous title which bloggers use after they’ve drifted off for a bit and intend to attempt a come back before vanishing again for months on end. That is not my plan – indeed due to work pressures and a renewed focus on my creative writing blog, I don’t have the time to contribute […]

Not much time for blogging here this month due to work and also focusing on my creative writing blog for a change – however do check out this post by quality Scifi resident of Scotland Charles Stross for the best argument in favour of Scottish independence I’ve seen yet (I hope they don’t go), but […]

I was listening to this lecture at work today by¬†Charles Heckscher from Rutgers University, talking about how solidarity and community has not gone away, it has however been radically transformed by de-industrialisation (at least in the Global North) and new social technologies. Well worth watching, I don’t endorse all of his conclusions but he makes […]

Some colleagues and I got to spend yesterday evening at the TUC Library at London Metropolitan University. Thanks to the librarian Jeff who stayed behind to show us round we got to see just a tiny fraction of the material they hold, essentially they aim to hold a copy of every publication by the TUC […]

Well I was going to wait until August the 21st to publish my self congratulatory anniversary post, however a look back at my tumblr blog suggest I should have celebrated the third anniversary of this blog in April this year, after all this blog is really just an evolution of my tumblr rather than a […]

Wha SUP? It’s a ‘Single Member Private Limited Liability Company’ and it has been proposed by the Internal Market Directorate of the European Commission. In brief it would allow companies in the EU to have their registered offices in separate member states to their head offices – it seems to be a way of encouraging […]

Via the magic of twitter I cam across this yesterday RAP is a project set up by unions and community organisations in New York, in conjunction with retail workers to help them organise with each other and their communities to improve conditions in their workplaces… Most of their campaigns seem to utilise the very interesting […]

Two very different takes on Nick Griffin’s step down from the leadership of the British National Party and take up of the new as yet undefined role of party president. Hope not Hate Notes from the Borderland I think it is obvious there has been an internal power struggle, and that Griffin’s demotion has been […]