these are some sites I find useful and informative

Unions, Work, Community, Campaigning, Organising, and Politics

E tū

Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand

UNISON – the public services union

UNISON – Organising in the community


Dave Prentis

Roger McKenzie’s blog

John Gray

Ian Fleming

Walthamstow Labour Party

Councillor Sophia James

Chairman Dave

ACORN International UK


Uneven and Combined Development blog

Shifting Grounds

Kitty S Jones

Progressive Economy Journal

Social Europe

Precarious Europe

Stronger Unions

A Very Public Sociologist

Dr Phil Edwards

The Search for Socialism

Touchstone Blog

Society of Union Employees

General Federation of Trade Unions

Matt Bruenig of Demos (US)


Ian Lawrence of NAPO

Jack of Kent

Constitutionally Speaking

A Girl Called Jack

Top Nonprofits

LSE European Politics Blog

Hannah Mitchell Foundation

Socialists Never Sleep

London Review of Books

Cedar Lounge Revolution

The Equality Trust

New Economics Foundation

Left Foot Forward

The Third Estate

Anti Academies Alliance

The World Turned Upside Down

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Trust

London Coalition Against Poverty

Industrial Areas Foundation

UK Polling Report

Political Betting

Citizens UK

Cooperatives UK

The People’s Budget

Wallsend People’s Centre

Worker’s Co-Ops UK Blog

Haringey Solidarity Group

Newcastle Free Press

David Bollier

The Urbanophile

Common People

Bob from Brockley

Queen’s Boundary Community Group (hyper-local organising)

European Trade Union Institute

Not So Big Society

Suma Workers Coop

Open Culture

Blue Labour


Fun Stuff

Google Maps Mania

TeeFury (seriously cool t-shirts)

Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic

Good Show Sir (dodgy scifi and fantasy book covers)

Whitechapel comics and more


… Just because I link to an organisation or individual doesn’t mean I agree with everything they say!