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Yes, dear readers thanks for the emails… I am still alive, albeit quite busy exploring my new land. However I have written a couple of blogs for New Zealand’s premier leftwing blog – TDB. Here are my posts: I will write more here, once things calm down. Thanks for following…  

Brexit Holding Post.

I am currently drafting a proper post about the referendum and the fallout from the result, until then I recommend the following two blog posts. Kenan Malik Will Davis Both on why people voted for Brexit.  

cooperation and solidarity in austerity Britain

I was struggling to think of an apt title for this post and may yet come back and edit it. I wanted to write this on New Year’s Eve, eve because while politically it may seem like the future in the short to medium term is bleak to some readers, and for others there may […]

Panics and splits? Or not.

So the Labour leadership election, following the epic and some might say unpredicted by many defeat in May. The media and the Tories and mischief makers of all sorts have been predicting that given the seemingly poles apart positions of the supporters of Kendall and Corbyn it’s impossible for a single party to contain their […]

happy belated/early anniversary to me

Well I was going to wait until August the 21st to publish my self congratulatory anniversary post, however a look back at my tumblr blog suggest I should have celebrated the third anniversary of this blog in April this year, after all this blog is really just an evolution of my tumblr rather than a […]

are we nearly there yet?

So it seems that the General Synod of the Church of England spend most of the sabbath debating the ordination of women bishops. Women priests were finally allowed in 1993, and the first ordinations were made in ’94, but we (or at least they) are still debating the appropriateness of women bishops now. Now I’m […]

gibralternate world

I’ve just discovered the new Gibraltar Portal developed by the New Statesman in conjunction with the Gibraltar Government. What?? I know right? Here is what the Staggers has to say about it Gibraltar has been British for over 300 years. Situated between Africa and Europe, Gibraltar is a strategically important political and economic partner within […] Seeing as I just seem to be posting links at the moment, this is an excellent look at the Scottish independence debate from a Scottish based Scifi writer.

solidarity with libdems

What!? I hear you cry, has he finally moved too far to the right? Nope. There are some Liberal Democrats I feel a sense of solidarity with, principally the women who have made allegations against Lord Rennard. The party hiararchy in a way that reminds me of the SWP and the “comrade Delta” affair have […]

the instinctive joy of sticking the boot in

One of the few (very few) pleasures when looking at British politics since May 2010 has been watching the Liberal Democrats. A party which many of us knew has never grown on a principled basis but has only ever won a modicum of political power at local level by presenting different faces to different elements […]

bob crow great obit for Bob Crow over on A Very Public Sociologist, couldn’t add any more to it; except to say read the first comment by ‘Loz’ as well he makes a good point about what a union leaders job actually is – fight for improvements to ts&cs don’t just shout for “socialism”.

paper towns and life imitating art

I read this post on Strange Maps blog a few days agloe ago which refers to the practice by map companies of putting fake towns (or rivers, hills, churches, etc) in their maps so as to trip up anyone who tries to copy one of their maps rather than doing the hardwork themselves. In this […]

social value – social capital

Last night I went to a talk hosted by the New Economy Organiser’s Network (NEON) which is a project by NEF . The talk was about how we can use the media to put across progressive or radical messages and compete with the right wing agenda of much of the mainstream media and their friends […]

the science of social connections

this is a fascinating talk by Yale professor Nicholas Christakis From Headcon 13 I will aim to post more about it once I’ve digested it more fully…

workable “radical” economic reforms

workable “radical” economic reforms This is an interesting little slate of proposals for what seem on the surface to be radical reforms but are actually quite commonsensical.