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water under the bridge?

God, it feels like years since my last post – rather than just a couple of months. I have as you might expect been very busy and expect to be even busier in the coming months, thanks to the Tories decision to go nuclear against the unions among many other “auld enemies” (also thanks to […]

is the government going to be worse without the Libdems to moderate the Tory right?

No. That’s the short answer. The slightly longer answer goes something like this – The Liberal Democrats (including cuddly lefty Vince Cable) provided Cameron with a security blanket against the rightwing awkward squad in the Conservative party. The possibility is that a government with a slim majority may well be vulnerable to it’s right flank. […]

an unintentional passing of the baton

Across Europe from Greece to Spain to the Nordic countries we have seen not the death of Social Democracy as so many people like to assert; but the passing of the baton from established Social Democratic parties to newer upstarts that have either emerged from the bottom up, or have been parties from a more […]

my prediction for the 2015 general election

I’m not in the business of predicting the outcome of the 2015 election – in my opinion it’s a bit of a mug’s game given the current state of electoral politics. However i will stick my neck and predict that the betting markets are currently and will continue to be more accurate in their predictions […]

uniformed swinger seeks concrete poll

or something equally dodgy…┬áThis from Peter Kellner at yougov should be worrying reading for both main parties.

if you ask the wrong questions you get the wrong answers

Last week the Guardian published this article about the rise of the new popular left parties in parts of Europe, the most interesting of course being Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece. Now I agree that it’s extremely interesting to see how in several countries the “far” left have managed to ride to some […]

You might expect my first post straight after the marathon election weekend to be about those very elections – so as not to disapoint this brief one will just list some of my initial thoughts (the post I really wanted to make will come later). The local elections were a massive victory for Labour despite […]

liquid feedback

Yep not liquid football; liquid feedback. You may have heard of this open source software based decision making system before – David Bollier has a review of the book of Liquid Feeback which the creators have just brought out. Now I think the potential impact of the internet generally and open source software in particular […]

more craziness on the wilder shores of politics

One of the electorally more successful far-lefts in the Anglophone sphere in recent years has been the Irish left, thanks to their single transferrable vote electoral system and understandable wide spread discontent with austerity means that they have between 5 and 8 or so MPs (depending on how wide you cast your net), and an […]

a germaine post

The results of the German elections are in and the ruling CDU/CSU of Angela Merkle has remained the largest grouping in the Bundestag, in fact they almost have a majority just by themselves. However the frankly welcome wipeout of the Free Democrats (cousins of our beloved Libdems) means that the arithmetic for forming a clear […]

migrant workers could influence the course of the 2014 elections

My article posted on the European Movement website earlier today the main point for me is below: How can our migrant members organise themselves and their families to have an impact on the election? If we give them a compelling narrative that engages and encourages the telling of positive stories of how working people have […]

it’s the australian election today

which always reminds me of this gripping fly on the wall doco from the nineties about the infighting on a suburban city council… You can see the whole thing here Meanwhile today it looks like there’s going to be a significant win by Tony Abott’s lovely Liberal National Coalition… Not that the Labor Party […]