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cooperation and solidarity in austerity Britain

I was struggling to think of an apt title for this post and may yet come back and edit it. I wanted to write this on New Year’s Eve, eve because while politically it may seem like the future in the short to medium term is bleak to some readers, and for others there may […]

immigration and social solidarity

This is an old blog post on the LSE Europp blog, but it’s new to me so worth commenting on in my view. It refers to this paper by Brady and Finnigan which suggests that the old saw that immigration undermines public support for a decent welfare state is flawed. According to the authors: our […]

it’s grimsby up north

(not that it is 100% agreed whether is Grimsby is up North) The Mail on Sunday has discovered a bit of outrage in Grimsby¬†about Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film ‘Grimsby’. It’s set in the Eighties around binge drinking and football hooliganism in what used to be the largest fishing port in the world and still […]

a more open government

Beth Noveck’s TED talk about how technology can aid really open government, she also importantly touches on why demands for transparency are a red herring…

paper towns and life imitating art

I read this post on Strange Maps blog a few days agloe ago which refers to the practice by map companies of putting fake towns (or rivers, hills, churches, etc) in their maps so as to trip up anyone who tries to copy one of their maps rather than doing the hardwork themselves. In this […]

was Ed Miliband wearing a black hoodie yesterday?

Shifting Grounds asked today Unsurprisingly their answer was no he wasn’t. However the key point for me in the article is to point out opposition parties love decentralisation, mutualisation, citizen power and all the rest of it, but as soon as they get in they either want to retain the control they’ve just won – […]

smaller and smaller

Reading Anthony Barnett’s latest lament for the lack of an English civic nationalism or English based federalist movement here, I was struck by what seems to be the major gap in the thinking of many English based constitutional reformers and devolution “geeks”. Despite what a vocal minority seems to think or at least claim, the […]

changing our cities

great little presentation from New York’s transport commisioner on their flexible and cheap approach to pedestrianising Times Square… Time to finish pedestrianising Trafalger Square? This is basically the state recouperating the ‘reclaim the streets’ ideal – this is a radical idea made practical.

redrawing the map of britain based on human interaction

redrawing the map of britain based on human interaction I’ve recently seen this map from 2010 identifying the “core regions” of Britain based on analysing the exhange of telecommunications between cities = IE the frequency that people and businesses talk to each other within and between regions. Among other things they have discovered a new […]

the importance of framing and stories (part 94)

the importance of framing and stories (part 94) Great article from July that I’ve only just seen that points out the flaws in that beloved argument of liberals in particular about why immigration is good – is because it is good for the economy. The second point is particularly important for those of us on […]